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  • Frequently asked questions

    Question:  Why do I see firetrucks driving lights and sirens and then they turn them off and keep driving?

    Answer:  This can occur for several reasons, but commonly it's because another firetruck has already arrived at the emergency scene and has determined the don't need anymore help.  This is when you may see other engine companies turning off their lights and returning to their station. 

    Question:  What should I do when I see a firetruck driving with its lights and sirens?

    Answer:  The drivers of all emergency vehicles, fire, police, and ems, all appreciate it when motorists pull to the RIGHT side of the road and come to a stop until the emergency vehicles passes safely in either direction.

    Question:  I see the firetruck and Firefighters all over town and I don't always see a fire, what are they doing?

    Answer:  This could mean many things such as  responding to another type of emergency like a medical or a rescue. The crew may also be doing its annual fire prevention inspections of commercial buildings or apartments in the area, annual hydrant flushing, or they may  be getting supplies for the station. While the crew is on shift for 24 hours they will run errands and other duties with the fire truck in case they are needed for an emergency response they're always ready.  They may also be doing some training, public education or local show and tells.

    Question: How many memebers does Fargo Firefighters Local 642 have?

    Answer: L-642 has a 100% Member rate and represents Fargo Firefighters, FF/Specialists, Captains, and Inspectors.

    Question:  Do you sleep and eat at the station?

    Answer: Yes, Once a crew comes on shift in the morning they are on duty for 24 hours.  The crew is responsible for shopping and cooking their own meals and will spend the night at the station.

    Question: Why are some Firetrucks in Fargo Yellow and some are Red in color?

    Answer: Years ago it was thought that Yellow was more visible so many trucks were ordered that way.  Fargo still has a couple Yellow engines that we use as stand by rigs when our other units are getting serviced.  Otherwise all trucks/engines are going back to the traditional firetruck Red.

    Question: ??

    Answer: TBA



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