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  • About PFT


      In an effort to create a universally accepted program for improving health, wellness, and fitness within the North American fire service, the International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF) joined efforts in 1996 to develop and implement the “Wellness Fitness Initiative (WFI)”. The goal of the WFI is to improve the quality of life of all uniformed personnel. The WFI focuses on five main areas: medical evaluation, fitness testing and exercise, rehabilitation, behavioral health promotion, and data collection.

      To meet these needs, the Fargo Fire Department currently has 5 Firefighters certified as Peer Fitness Trainers. They completed the course given by the IAFF, IAFC, and through ACE (American Council on Exercise). The scope of practice for a certified PFT is as follows: Individual Assessment, Fitness Program Design, Program Implementation, and Program Administration. Fargo Fire’s Peer Fitness Trainers have to recertify every two years by getting at least 2.0 continuing education credits. The Peer Fitness Program was started in Fargo in 2003 with 6 PFT’s. The Department still has 5 certified PFT’s who just went through their 2nd recertification process in the fall of 2007. The PFT’s are still finding their way into the daily routine of all FF’s and continue to enjoy the support of the Chief Officer Staff and FFD Local Union 642. Fargo’s Peer Fitness Trainers also use many resources to help promote fitness and health. One such valuable resource is Fargo Firefighters who have college degrees in the Health and Fitness Field.

      Fargo’s firefighters get annual physicals, and are required to pass an annual physical agility test. The PFT’s try to help in any aspect they can when a firefighter asks for help to either lower cholesterol or to improve on the treadmill. The PFT’s have put out a monthly Newsletter, and have given classes to the Department and also to the Departments Explorers. The PFT’s continue to look for ways to incorporate themselves into the Department, and to ultimately motivate and educate Fargo’s Bravest; to enjoy health not only for their job, but for their families.

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